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Elite Network & Communication Pvt. Ltd.

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Working Since 1999 

Established in 1999 according to Nepal Government’s company act and having it’s main office at 72 Ka, Nag Pokhari Colony, Nag Pokhari, Naxal Kathmandu, Nepal. Elite Network & Communication Pvt. Ltd. strives to become a leading IT system integrator and IT infrastructure provider in Nepal. Our Key corporate values are based on positive and honest long-term relationship with all stakeholders – Customers, Suppliers and Employees. 

Our Services

Warranty Service

We provide warranty services for all the products that we supply against any manufacturing defect. We will repair or replace any defective parts free of charge if necessary. The warranty period varies according to products. Customers can also purchase warranty extension program while purchasing products.

Annual Maintenance Service Contract

We will also provide Annual Maintenance Service Contract for products which are out of warranty. The AMC Cost depends upon type of products and service required by customers.

IT HR Support

We have years of experience in providing technical expertise for different IT hardware and software requirement of various organisation. We provide qualified human resources for IT support at customer premises.


Elite is the pioneer in network cabling system with over 80% of market share among networks based on AT&T/Lucent Structured Cabling System in the country. • Elite is the first company in the country to setup and install a countrywide VPN (Virtual Private Network) for Value Added Tax (VAT) Project, Ministry of Finance. Elite networked the center office and 17 different VAT offices scattered in various parts of the country. All these 17 district offices are inter-networked with the central and each other using VPN technology.
Elite was involved in supply, installation and implementing the largest network system in the country, at Nepal at ANZ Grindlays Bank, where there are over 250 workstations and 20 file servers in 8 LANs scattered in various parts of the country. All of these 8 LANs are inter-connected with each other for on-line banking system using radio links and leased lines. For last 5 years Elite has been maintaining and upgrading this network system. • Elite is the first and only company in the country to implement LAN-to-LAN connectivity using wireless technology.
Elite has successfully installed and implemented POS (Point-of-Sales) Terminals networking system at various locations in Nepal to authorize electronic payment through credit cards for Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Elite is currently supporting a large computer network for Department of VAT (Value Added Tax) for newly implemented VAT automation in the country.
Two years back, Elite was involved in a contract to set-up and support a computer and communication center by US Embassy during the visit of US First Lady Hillary R. Clinton to Nepal. Elite is the first and only company from Nepal that was awarded a global tender to install and implement a LAN (Local Area Network) system outside the country; by UNDP in Bhutan.
All said, it is to be noted that Elite Networks is a company that will never allow you to regret for having allied with, either as a client, a supplier or a partner. With elite you don't have to worry. You do not even have to think. All you need to do is wish. Reliability, accountability and professionalism make our basic nature. You can rely on us, count on us and expect for promises to be delivered. After all that is our business. At the end, Elite Networks believes in one reality, the reality of IT. IT is not just another business, it is the realization of man's dream of connectivity and unity.

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