Face Recognition & Temperature Measurement System - WECENT(E-FRSWTM-01)


Product Description

  • Product name:Face Recognition Temperature Measurement
  • Function:Measuring Body Temperature
  • Display:8 inches
  • Resolution:800 * 1280
  • Local faces storage:5000+
  • Power:DC12V 2A
  • humidity:<85%
  • USB interface:1x USB port (optional ID module)
  • Brand Name:OEM
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA


Operating system: Android 5.1

CPU: RK3288 4 Cores (Optional support RK3399 6 cores, MSM8953)



Local faces storage: 5000+

Display: 8 inches

Resolution: 800 * 1280

Double wide dynamic camera

Aperture : F2.4

Focal Length : 50-150cm

White Balance : Automatic

Filling Light : LED and infrared double fill lights

lens; Resolution 200W

Power; DC12V 2A

Working temperature: -10 ℃~60 ℃Working


Embedding industry-leading deep learning algorithms as the core
Standard 10,000+ face database, face recognition accuracy rate> 99.97%, recognition speed <200ms
Binocular detect function, anti-counterfeiting, anti-deception of photos, videos, etc.
8-inch IPS full screen
2 megapixel intelligent wide dynamic sensor, adapt to glare, backlight and dark environment.
Features at human body temperature detection; temperature display; automatic alarm for abnormal body temperature.